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Potos - Thassos

While Limenas dominates the north of the island, Potos together with Limenaria, makes two of the most important places in the south of Thassos. Potos is right after these two towns, the third town in size. It extends at a distance of 2km from one end to another. Limenas is about 45km away, while Limenaria is only 4km away.

From the central intersection in Potos, the road leads the way to the inland of the island, about 10 km long, to the ethno village of Theologos. Pefkari beach is located only 1km from Potos.

Today this settlement is permanently inhabited, although it has not always been the case. Once Potos was a fishing village, which served as the port of Theologos, and it developed into one of the most cosmopolitan places on Thassos.

Here, fishing is still fairly common. Actually much more than on the northern part of the island. The reason for this is the greater depth of water, but also the diversity, as well as the larger population of fish, squid and octopus.

This place is one of the most popular spots during the summer, especially during July and August, when it’s almost impossible to find available accommodation. Suitable for all populations and needs.

Potos offeres a wide range of clubs and cafes for young people. All clubs and restaurants are concentrated along the beach, so your dream will be completely calm and protected from noise.

Now we reach a population called “parents with little children”. This place is equally ideal for everyone. Families can enjoy sandy beaches during the day, while in the evening they can walk along the coast where they can find various cafes and restaurants with good food. If you are older visitor, you will be pleasantly surprised by the location of the beach, restaurants and music, but on the other hand, one complete intimacy of your accommodation.

The seal of Potos is its energy and charm, which is not lost, despite commercialization and a large number of tourists during the summer. In this small town you will find a baker whose door touches the doors of the goldsmith, rent-a-car, fast food, a boutique of Chinese goods.

Potos is a place that is loud enough to not be bored and quiet enough to provide a peaceful and perfect holiday.

Potos has popular beaches, well organized with parasols and surrounded by pine trees so there is enough shade. Sunbeds are free with drink from beach bar, or two, if you stay all day.

In the eastern side you will find the beach of San Antonio, 2km long and ideal for those who love a peaceful holiday on the beach. and if the weather is clear enough, you will see the mountain of Athos.